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Our competitive cheerleading program travels to compete against other cheer squads that have the same age and skill level.  Our goal as coaches is to increase athleticism and build confidence among our girls while having fun and teaching lifelong skills that go far beyond the "Cheer Tricks." YOUR CHILD WILL LEARN THE VALUE AND IMPORTANCE OF COMMITMENT, INTEGRITY, LEADERSHIP, DEDICATION, SACRIFICE, AND TEAMWORK.

This will be our 14th season in business and we are so excited to host 21 Shark teams between our two locations! We offer Levels 1-6 for ages 4 and up. There is a team for everyone, beginners to WORLDS!!!

If you would like to join the Shark Nation please do the following:

• Create an iclasspro account (parent portal), please be sure to select the correct location

• Register for try-outs and pay a $85 tryout fee (NON-refundable)

• Friend Request "Megan Sharks" on Facebook and follow our Instagram account Sav_Sharks 

• Text us if you have any questions or would like to see the gym at 912-308-3818

NEW Athlete Try-outs:

Email to set up your private evaluation!



  1. Any black top and black bottom (shorts, skirt or leggings)

  2. White cheer shoes with no-show, white socks

  3. Hair high pony with white bow

**All items are available in the proshop if you need them.

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Savannah Location Teams:

  • ​Smalltooth Tinys

  • Sparkle Sharks

  • Mini makos

  • Silvertips

  • Zebra Sharks

  • Blacktips

  • Angel Sharks

  • Relentless

  • Super Sharks​

  • Showstoppers

Richmond Hill Location Teams:

  • Baby Sharks

  • Tiny Waves

  • Tiny Sharkbites

  • Mini Fins

  • Reef Sharks

  • Bull Sharks

  • Thresher Sharks

  • Lemon Sharks

  • Great Whites​

  • Polka Dot Tinys

  • Tiny Fins

  • Hammerheads​


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Savannah Sharks Summit 2019

Savannah Sharks Summit 2019

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Relentless 2019-2020

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Savannah Sharks Relentless 18-19

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